Ring, Watch & Wallet

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This trick was the version of Tommy Wonder inspired from Alan Shaxon (in "It's a Hold-up" p.14). Tommy Wonder used this trick to open his close-up and parlor act for years and fooled everyone even well-posted magicians. 

The main reason this trick is so deceptive is beacause, although all three items used are seemingly placed into an enveloppe, each vanished from it by a different method. Each method cancels thoughts of another of the methods employed, thus strengthening the whole and making the procedure impossible to reconstruct. So this trick is a masterpiece itself and almost completely self working.

This version is crafted with "permission" from the estate of Tommy Wonder by the perfect person of Auke Van Dokkum who is a wounderfull manufacturer of few great magic products. 

Tommy Wonder few magicians left such a powerful mark to the art of magic... Tommy did it in many ways, through his performances and even more, the unique methodology he incorporated into his effects.

When you look at these items, and see the manner in which Tommy devised the workings - it is nothing short of brilliant!






  • A special watch with a watchband specially designed to assure a perfect finger grip (the most expensive part of the trick)
  • A pecial very solid reel in steel
  • One folded dollar bill with metal plate inside
  • A second watch
  • Strong transparent nylon line.
  • Few special Teflon stickers
  • An original "W wallet" or "Himber wallet" in leather of high quality for money changes or empty and full money wallet.
  • A special link to download a tutorial video to know how to replace and assemble all parts in case of replacement will be send by e-mail.

    Not supplied:
  • the DVD (vol. 1) Tommy Wonder's Visions of Wonder
  • the Books of Wonder (Vol. 1 pages 302 - 315) of Tommy wonder who speaks about the trick.
  • the small enveloppes

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