Vanishing Banana Trick

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The funniest magic trick we've EVER seen!

Messy, messy, messy- and the kids just love it!
The reaction you'll get will be INCREDIBLE- guaranteed!

Explain that you just received a new trick in the mail, but have not had time to practice it or even read the instructions.
In fact, you trusted a friend to gather everything you need for the trick, and he gave you a box.
Bring out the box, and open it, taking out a CD and a real banana.
Put the CD in a player, and (following the spoken instructions that you are apparently hearing for the first time) proceed to perform the Vanishing Bandanna trick.
And that is where the hilarity begins!

The voice on the CD instructs you to take the bandana and fold it in half.
Oops! Too late, you realize that your box contained a BANANA, not a bandana!
But you bravely go on with the trick anyway, following the increasingly hilarious (and messy!) instructions.

Amazingly, at the end of the trick, you do indeed vanish the banana, and make it reappear, fully restored, in the previously empty box.
Your audience will be rolling in the aisles!

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