Dunninger's Delight

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A deck setting on the table the entire time is given to a spectator. They are to look through the deck and be certain the card they chose is in this deck. They agree that it is. The performer never touches the cards once the spectators agree the card they chose is in the deck. The spectators are asked to be sure their card is in the deck several times.The mentalists concentrates and attempts to project the card out of the deck and into (say) the spectator's shoe. The spectators go through the deck that has been in their hands the entire time to find that their card is now truly gone from the deck! "Your shoe is too easy" says the performer, "How about we put it under the carpet or... no... under the plant over there"!The performer never goes near where he says he has made the card teletransport. The spectators find their chosen card not only gone from the deck, but under but under the plant - or nearly any odd place you choose.

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