Lost Magic - David Ginn

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Almost: Confusing Snake Wands, Vanishing Coke with Streamer, Blooming Blossom, Sport Coat Warm-Up, Magic Chalk, Dappy, Dino, Handkerchief Gamble, Money Hands, Little Indian, Mummy Fingers, Toss Up Cane, Wand To Cane, Gurreen Hank Mystery, Farmyard Frolics, Gene Gordon Shoelace, Jumbo Snake Wand.
Nearly:Clap Hands Warm-Up, Tissue to Silk, Coil Production, Secret Wand, Fast Silk Production, Light That Heals, Clear Baby Picture, Tipple Topple Wand, Brainwave Rocks, Walk Thru Paper, One Hand Knot, Big Band Music, Optical Illusion Cards, Dissolving Knot Complicated, Rabbit's Mighty Leap, Cheat Blendo
Partly: Little Coin Vanish, Spong Ball Rabbit, Indiana Jones Rabbit Bucket, Big Red Card, No Mess Cake Bake, Measle Bag, Bananas to Hot Dogs, Blow Up and Laminate.

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