E.B.N. (Emotional Bank Night)

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Effect: The performer invites a spectator up to the stage to participate in a little game of chance. 5 envelopes are introduced and the audience is asked what each one represents. The performer explains that in a moment the spectator will be given a $100 bill to be placed into one of them and the performer will not touch the envelopes at any time until the very end.

The performer then turns his back and the spectator is asked to choose an envelope that appeals to them the most and remove the paper that is inside and hand it to the performer. The performer then gives the spectator $100 bill to replace that sheet of paper. The spectator is then asked to place the $100 into the same envelope they removed the paper from and seal all of the envelopes as well as mix them all face down.

The performer then explains that the spectator will get to open 4 of them and if they open one with the $100 bill it is theirs to keep. One by one the envelopes are opened and each is found to contain only a piece of paper with the last one left for the performer containing the $100 bill! Guaranteed to hold their attention! Everything is examinable.

What’s Included: Inside this package you will find two sets of 5 envelopes. One large set for parlor and stage and a smaller set for close up. Each envelope should contain a piece of paper. There are also digital files included so that you can print out replacements as needed. The envelopes can be purchased at most any office supply store.

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