Heat Shrink

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Imagine doing something with a handful of matchbooks that will have your spectator believing you have second sight.

(Note) shipped only in the US. International purchasers can get the instructions via pdf and will have to supply their own matchbooks. Contact us to Purchase.  Only $15.00

Inside each matchbook cover is a drawing, word or number. The matchbooks are closed and mixed up while the performer’s back is turned.

Each of the matchbooks are handed to the performer one at a time behind the performer’s back.

The performer then removes a match from the matchbook and strikes it holding only the lit match in front and concentrates.

After a brief bit of concentration the performer announces what the performer believes is on the inside of the matchbook being held. The matchbook is handed to the spectator to verify the accuracy of the performer’s insight.

This is repeated with as many matchbooks as the performer wishes.

The matchbooks can be given away as souvenirs as there is absolutely nothing to find.

Heat Shrink can be done completely impromptu and used close up, on stage or in any social situation

Customize your own matchbooks if you so choose to use them as a marketing tool.

Comes with everything needed to get started. 

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