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Check this out and then scroll down for more information or to download! If you are a working pro, please contact us once you have downloaded the app for a full demo to show you many additional features not advertised that will allow you to have the ultimate marketing tool!

Introducing Menta-List!

From the creator of one of the most deceptive magic apps in the app store comes a magic and mind blowing app that is like none other!

Imagine an app that has you think of any word out of hundreds and with unnerving accuracy reveals your thoughts in a most magical way and doesn't explain to you how it knows!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to completely amaze your friends don't hesitate to upgrade to Menta-List Pro which includes these additional features:

* Create and share custom word lists.

* Customize any of the words used for the trick.

* Have an image appear instead of the thought of word.

* Have a song play as the thought of word appears.

* Become the magician/mind reader and reveal your friends and families thoughts without asking them a single question!

* Reveal their thought of word for anyone who has the app on their device from across the room, over the phone, blindfolded etc!

This is an app you will use at any and every social occasion and the more you use it the more fun it becomes!

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