Sigillum Diaboli by Alan Rorrison

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A one-handed, insanely visual, cover free version of Roy Walton's Card Warp!

Sigillum Diaboli is not only a name for this effect that'll make sure you are a winner at Scrabble, but it's the most VISUAL handling on the classic Roy Walton Card Warp routine out there!

Imagine taking a selected card and having it signed. You then draw a mysterious sign onto the selection - the "Sigillum Diaboli" or the Mark of the Devil - explaining how it will cause the playing card to reveal its 'true colours'.

With the card held at the finger tips of one hand, a slight shake and half of the card VISUALLY turns INSIDE OUT!

Almost instantly, the card completely turns face up, while again just held in one hand

But then comes the best bit! The card is folded into quarters so that the face is hidden on the inside, again, a quick shake and the whole card VISUALLY turns face out!

This is an EXPLOSIVE routine with AWESOME visuals! The complete routine happens with the card held at fingertips and with no cover what so ever, which just makes it look COMPLETELY impossible!

Please remember that you can use any playing cards, there is no influence and the reset is faster than Oprah eating a chocolate cake.

SIGILLUM DIABOLI. Don't just perform card tricks, show them what the Mark of the Devil can really do!
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